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Systems which will keep those loads in place

Systems which will keep those loads in place - Linda Velazquez

If you are a business owner who transports or carries large amounts of goods on tractor-trailer trucks, then you are fully aware that these loads can be extremely heavy. Many tractor-trailers carry loads in excess of 100,000 pounds, meaning that keeping these trucks in one place can be quite a daunting task. This is even true once the truck pulls up to the loading dock.

Consider your loading dock area for a moment. It is likely that somewhere along the loading dock area where trucks backup, that you have some kind of grade or slope that could cause the truck to move even the slightest amount of distance, even a quarter of an inch. This may not seem like a big deal, but all it takes is for a little force to be applied to that truck and move it to the slightest distance, and disaster can occur. People can get injured, goods can be destroyed, and lawsuits are destined to follow. It is an unfortunate aspect of doing business at times.

One way that many companies try to keep this from becoming a problem, and are successful in doing so, is through the use of vehicle restraint systems. These systems are built to lock the tractor-trailer to the loading dock area so that slippage or other forms of events that can cause accidents are not able to occur. It is a truly remarkable system that any business should want as part of their daily operations if they are transporting, loading or unloading goods.

These vehicle restraint systems ensure the trucks will stay exactly where they were stopped at. They provide an additional force that deters the vehicle from being able to move. Many of these vehicule restraint system have a restraining force that applies to them of over 40,000 pounds. If you add in the braking system of the truck, the locking gears, and the restraining force of the vehicle restraint systems, it is easy to see that that truck is going nowhere. Those goods are secure, and the employees are much safer.

You want to ensure that your loading dock area is a very secure and safe place for people to be able to work. To do so these vehicle restraint systems are the ideal thing to have in place to protect your employees and your investment. It’s simply something you can’t do without in today’s very safety conscious world. Look into this today.


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