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The best of everything

The best of everything - Linda Velazquez

After two years of being a single mom and being forced to deal with everything and everyone all by myself, I find it difficult to relax and simply let someone else do things for me. I am aware that I need help, but I have a hard time accepting it. Also, I am one of those types of personality, which cannot delegate easily tasks to others. I’d rather do it myself, even that means leading me to exhaustion. I know, it’s my brain that I have to blame.

Most of my friends have already given up trying to convince me to hire a nanny or to put my kid in daycare. They probably got fed up listening to me complaining I was tired or that I no longer had time to hang out with them as before. They had kids too, but for them it was different. They were two of them taking care of the kids, while I was alone. I had to play both parents’ role and it isn’t easy.

I did think of putting A. in a daycare, it would have been easier on me, there was no doubt about that. But I didn’t like the idea of having my kid raised by a stranger. He would have spent more time with that stranger than with me. On my opinion, if I chose to have a child, I was responsible for him. That involved his education as well.

Everyone knows that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important. They are crucial to his development. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to give so much confidence or credit to the daycare personnel. Plus as far as I know, not all the daycare workers have a background in pedagogy or early childhood education.

As far as I am concerned my kid needs the best of everything, and my role as a mother is to ensure he gets the best. That does not mean I will spoil him rotten by dumping all the possible toys in his room, or buying him whatever he asks for. No! Not me!

I have seen what that does to kids and I am not planning to act the same way as some parents that I know. One of my acquaintances, a contractor for blacktop paving Edmonton, mentioned to me, that his kids were out of his hands. He admitted he lost control over them. Because he worked a lot, and he couldn’t spend time with them, he tried to buy his guilt out by offering them whatever they asked.


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